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SEO must come from within the business. By training your teams you will a) have much more control over what words you rank for and b) reduce your costs on external agencies because keyword research and seo copywriting should be an integral part of your marketing team's work. By integrating a few simple best practices into their normal work, they will be able to get good search rankings without additional work.

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Top ranking search terms

It may not always be possible to rank at the top if the search engines for the words you are most interested in. This could be because the competition for those search terms is very high. For competitive words you might have to spend a lot on your SEO campaign in order to get the visibilty you need to compete with the top ranking sites. It is usually possible to see how competitive a search term is by looking at various factors such as the top ranking sites Google PageRank, how well optimized the top 10 sites are, and how much the competition is paying for Ads for these search phrases. Visit our Online SEO Course at Search Classroom to find out more about why Keyword Research is funamental to your search marketing.

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