Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Most serious search campaigns combine natural search optimization with a pay per click search campaign. Pay per click ads normally appear on the top and side of the search results pages as sponsored links or featured listings. A paid search campaign can therefore guarantee you a number one position on Google. This can cost a lot for competitive keywords, but as little as 1p (4p on Google) per click for uncompetitive terms.

Step 1: Keyword research - Understand the search terms which are important to your business and your competitors and develop a keyword bidding strategy.

Step 2: Create the ad copy for your pay per click ads. These must be compelling because this is what searchers will see on the search results.

Step 3: Manage the campaign - This involves analysing the performance of your campaigns and adjusting the search terms, the bid gap between you and your competition, or your search marketing budget.

Cost of a Pay-per-click Campaign

With a PPC campaign, you pay only for clicks that actually bring traffic to your site. The cost of your paid search campaign depends on how much you are willing to spend and the competitiveness of the search terms that you want to bid on.

With competitive words like "mp3" or "cheap flights" there will be a lot of other companies bidding to have their ads listed, and you would need to bid a higher price if you want your ad to be displayed above their ads. For less competitive words, for example search terms which include your company name or brand, the cost can be very low, as little as a few pence per click.

The three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN charge a set up fee, and after this there is a cost associated with every click. You specify the maximum you are prepared to pay per click for each word or group of words, or else how much you want to spend per day, week or month on a specific keyword or group, and the search engine controls the frequency and placement of your ads to meet your requirements.

How much you want to spend will depend on how good your site is at generating leads or sales. This can be tracked using tools like Google Analytics.

Our Prices for PPC Campaign Management

Pay per click accounts will need you to pay a deposit into your search engine account via credit card. For managing your campaign, we charge the following over and above the cost you pay to the search engine. The rates below apply for Google Adwords.

The above charges apply to Google Adwords campaign management. Similar charges will apply if you want to manage campaigns on other Pay-per-click providers.

Contact us to understand more. We will schedule a free 30 minute call with you to understand your business needs and your search marketing requirements, and let you know whether a PPC campaign can help your business.

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