SEO Training

This starts with your Marketing team. They need to know which keywords people are searching for and include this in the marketing copy. By choosing the wrong keywords in your marketing copy you might only reach half your potential online market! Your website development team needs to ensure these words are used optimally on your web pages, and your PR team needs to ensure your web pages get the visibility they need to get high search rankings...

From a development point of view, we can provide you with a list of actions your web developer should do with the information they receive from your marketing team. By following a process you will not need to keep on employing different seo agencies to keep on optimizing your site.

Without a coordinated approach you will likely not rank for the words you want to rank for. Our managing director, Richard Igoe, has trained the online marketing, product management, PR and web development teams in one of the world's leading ecommerce companies, in implementing best practices for SEO across multiple countries and multiple languages, and has extensive experience in both SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While it is not possible to guarantee a #1 page rank on Google, it is possible to analyze what your competitors are doing and apply similar principles to your own website. Search optimization could be described as the art of understanding what the top ranked websites are doing to achieve a high position and then applying similar principles to your own site.

At SearchGap we have a 4 step process to understand your requirements, analyze your competition, and influence the on-site and off-site factors which will help you rank higher.

Our main service is training mid-large companies how to implement a robust SEO strategy. This usually involves training several internal teams in best practice for their own department and coordination with other internal departments.

Normally your Marketing or Brand team needs to provide the correct marketing message but without doing keyword research they may not include important words which your customers are searching for. We train them how to find out which words your customers are searching for so and how to include these words in their marketing copy. We also provide you with the tools you need to do effective keyword research. Your marketing team also needs to measure the effectiveness of your search campaigns and we also show provide tools and training to do this.

Your Web development team needs to ensure your site is structured correctly to allow search engines to index all the pages correctly and promote the most important ones. We provide them with the necessary tools to ensure they can provide your management with reports on how well optimized your site is, whether it is 10 pages or 10000 pages.

Finally without promoting your web pages you will not get any traffic, so we train your marketing and PR teams on what tools and strategies they need to follow to get the most visibility for your web pages.

Contact our SEO consultants for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how we might help your business or read more below about our 4 step approach to Search Marketing.

Search Optimization Services

Put very simply, search engine optimization is a 4 step process.

Phase 1: Keyword research - Understand the search terms which are important to your business and your competitors.

Phase 2: Competitor research - Analyse your website and your competitors web sites with our unique SearchGAP process for on-site and off-site factors and work out which factors you can best influence.

Phase 3: On-site Optimization - optimize the on-site factors. This includes optimizing your content, navigation structure and your website architecture.

Phase 4: Off-site Optimization - optimize for the off-site factors. This includes a link-building, content building, and social media optimization.

SearchGap offers SEO consulting and SEO training.

SEO Consulting

This includes first creating a number of detailed reports including where you are currently ranking for your main search terms, how well your main pages are currently optimised, and what your competition is doing to get high ranks. If also covers what could be preventing you from getting a top search ranking, as well as an on-site visit or conference call to discuss the report and brainstorm session on what you could do to improve your rankings.

Once we understand your market and competition we can propose an SEO strategy custom-designed for your business.

Please contact us here if you would like more information.

SEO Workshop

We also run a SEO training workshop in London to teach people the essentials of search marketing. This training gives a thorough overview of how to approach both SEO and PPC. Go to Search Classroom UK for more details.

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